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My business account is for an investment property business.

I am completing on a property tomorrow, I added the solicitor as a payee and went to make the transfer only for the transfer to be blocked for security reasons. I have sent an email to support and I have used the in-app message facility but I have not had any response yet.

If this transaction is not in the solicitor bank account by tomorrow we will lose the property and forfeit the £14000 already paid. This is NOT acceptable. Please arrange for this issue to be resolved ASAP.

Account name: C and H Investment Properties

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    Oct '20
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    Oct '20
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Hello there!

I have messaged the responsible team in regards to your payment and have asked them to get back to you with priority!

In addition, I have replied to your tickets that you have raised with us. If you have further questions about the query, feel free to reach out. I will chase up the team for you!

Hi ,

I am having this same issue and i have been waiting a long time for someone to message me to unblock the account so I can make same day payments again. Please can you get someone to message me as soon as possible.

Account Name : Nadak Team Ltd


Hello @Ashc!

I’m able to see that the team handled your query already and your payment may go ahead. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to reply back to their message.

It seems that your account was not blocked, but one payment required additional security checks, which have been performed already.