Payment Blocked but not all payments



I tried to pay a contractor their wages this morning on the app. I received a message saying this payment has been blocked for security reasons.

I then attempted to send myself £100 to check my ability to pay other payees which has went through and cleared into my personal bank account.

I messaged on the app and was told someone would contact me via email but this has not happened as of yet.

Please can someone respond urgently. The particular contractor needs access to his funds ASAP to book his accommodation at the hospital he is currently working at.

I also have payments coming from a different client this evening which is for different contractors.

Please can someone respond urgently


Sorry I forgot to add that the PAYEE I am trying to pay has worked for me for a few weeks now so this is not the first time I am attempting to pay him his salary and normally there has been no issues.


Hi @MKRECRUITMENT, sorry you ran into difficulties! I can see that you’ve spoken with my colleague Jerry in Member Support and this is now resolved. If you need assistance with anything else please don’t hesitate to reach out via the app.
Thanks, Ali