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I have closed my other business account in favour of Tide however i now find that I cannot pay in cheques. I appreciate that I could pay the cheques into another business account however that seems to defeat the advantage of only having Tide. The only solution is messy and involves getting customers to make the cheque payable to me personally and then I put it through my personal account. This type of dealing is frowned on and looks suspicious. Please please can Tide make an arrangement with a mainstream bank to take OTC cheques directly into a Tide account. Even if there was a small charge levied for paying in cheques, I’d be happy to pay it.

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    Nov '17
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    Jul '20
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I second this. I don’t receive many cheques but until I can deposit cheques I’ll have to keep my HSBC account open and there’s no incentive for me to use my Tide account while my HSBC account is still open.

Hi Lester and Mick,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the community.

I am afraid that this is not something we can offer right now. Stay tuned to the Tide community as if this change in the future this is where we will announce it.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Tide, I’d be happy to help!

@brokenbiscuits - I’m amazed that you’re amazed although I suspect that you are either in an entirely electronic bubble divorced from the real world or it’s just bravado. Some of my clients are not computer savvy or distrust online banking and they prefer to pay by cheque. Tide need to understand that whilst they operate in a totally digital world, the real world however still contains real people who actually use cash and cheques. Not having this facility is a very basic mistake and will exclude any business that has dealings with many of the older generation.

Strike a deal with the Post Office so that we can pay cheques in over the counter. I never set foot in a bank these days as I’m always at the Post Office every day, so do both my personal and business banking there. I’m sure if Tide could come to some sort of arrangement people would be happy to pay in at their local Post Office.

Every cheque I’ve received so far I just bounced, and said I accept digital payments only. Literally no one has complained about me doing so.

@callaars Joseph that’s great if you can afford to turn business away, however when your customer base is made up of many pensioners you’ll find that many of them don’t use online banking and many don’t even have smart phones. A bank that does not accept cheque payments is sending a clear message to an aging community that they are not valued. How’s this for a knee jerk provocation.


Seems a bit harsh. I mean, it’s the same as saying MARMITE LEAVES CUSTOMERS BEHIND BECAUSE OF TASTE DIFFERENCES.

Personally I think you’re over reacting. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you, just don’t blame others. It’s a digital bank, the key is in the word digital.

Also I find it a bit funny you close all accounts before you find out what the limitations are. I mean, really?

@callaars Are you an official spokesperson for Tide or just a happy satisfied customer?
Your upside-down avatar says it all LOL.
Add to the shortfall: Future Payments and Standing Orders, or are you happy not to have those either? One client of mine told me that Barclays charge £25 to make a Faster Payment to Tide! Is that true?

I’m a happy customer. But I haven’t seen that Barclays thing before. I made payments from HSBC to Tide and they didn’t charge me anything. I can live with no future payments or standing orders, although I’d like to see them in the future.

I must say I’ve seen and used a cheque only about 3 times in more than a decade. My US bank allows me to scan them from the mobile app to deposit into my account. Given that a cheque is just bank details on paper and a signature, moving this to digital via the app shouldn’t be too hard.

1 month later

Unfortunately because as Tide do not have the facility to pay in cheques, I’ve had to go elsewhere. I have to offer cheque as payment option (frustrating though it is!) as many of my clients are elderly and do not use or and are not confident to use online payment or card. I think this issue is underestimated, and obviously depends on client base / sector. I work in construction, and 60 plus clients very often only want to pay by cheque rather than card.

I have one client who suffered identity theft and will not use any online financial service. Leaves me with no option but to receive a cheque rather than a suitcase full of cash

1 month later

I opened a Tide account as i thought it would be ideal for my new business. But one limit after nother and I think it is time to give up and go elsewhere. I received my first income in my new business - by cheque. No I don’t have another account in my business name - so I have to go back to my client and ask for a bank transfer. Back when I wanted to invoice them - I discover that I have non control over the name appearing on the invoice. i don’t want the worlkd to know all my names on my invoices … Tide - you are turing out to be a great disappointment. Too many details just don’t work. A shame really as it all looked promising.

29 days later

I think it’s rather unfair to criticise @Tide for not accepting cheques…

Firstly they market themselves as a banking facility that is “Digital” and future lead. Why would they even think about incorporating a technology that will eventually be phased out. There focus should be on new tech, new ideas and being different which I think they are doing very well.

Secondly, for those who signed up for tide and then found out they didn’t support cheques. There is a conflict in the thought process here. Signing up for tide surely means you’ve been through their marketing channels which explains they are a “New Wave” of banking facility. You wanted the tech, you signed up on a mobile phone (no forms to sign and no pieces of paper), therefore it would make sense to me that a cheque is not going to be included.

I fully appreciate many many people still use cheques and it’s a part of your business and I’m not in any way having a go for the comments on this.
However not every solution these days will work for everyone, tide want to be the bank of the future and I’m afraid cheques won’t be. They can’t spend time looking back. It’s a waste.

I very much doubt cheques will ever be implemented and this is the right way to go in my opinion. Yes tide might lose out [on your busienss] but in doing this they will be much better suited for the future.

Some banks, Barclays being one, are piloting paying in by cheque scanning from mobile devices. It would be good to to see Tide embrace this cutting edge technology.

2 months later

We’ve even marked our coming of age by getting a “driving licence”: authorisation as an electronic money institution (EMI) from the FCA. This gives us the option to access the same banking infrastructure as older banks.
Quote on the Tide website would this allow scanning of cheques?