Paying an invoice - newbie - getting pdf error message



Newbie here!!

I’ve just tried to use the “upload an invoice” feature.

pay an invoice
upload an invoice

However when i upload the invoice from our supplier to be paid, it seems to extract some of the information from it, but i get the error code :

PDF.js v1.6.210 (build: 4ce2356)
Message: Missing PDF “blob:”.

and it does not display the file. Just a black screen with a red bar which says Missing pdf file and a box which says “more information”. When i click this i get the error message.

I am using my pc / web app to upload the file as the invoice from our supplier is on there rather than on my phone.

Any ideas?


P.S Alternatively it is possible to pay an invoice without uploading it. Ie manually adding the suppliers bank details? thanks


Hi @dartmoorchilli, welcome to Tide! Great to have you on-board. Sorry to hear you’re having issues, we’re currently looking into this for you. In the meantime, I suggest paying an invoice from the app. Then, if you wish to pay an invoice without uploading, I recommend making a payment rather than paying an invoice. This way you can manually add the suppliers bank details.

I hope this helps. Do get get back in touch if you have any other questions :smile: