Paying a new recipient


When making a payment, the Tide app gives you the option of paying a new recipient. From the Make a payment screen, tap Add a new recipient.

You will prompted to enter the recipient’s details. Enter the recipient’s name, sort code and account number, before tapping Save.

You will then be prompted to enter an SMS security code to authorise the new recipient, which will be sent to your mobile. Enter the six-digit code, before tapping Authorise recipient. You can then continue making a payment. Tide will store information about the recipient for future reference.

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Payments & Transactions: Making payments

very slow in faster payments out i done a payment and been 1 day passed but still my beneficiary not received the payment…


Hi @nayeem999,

One of our Founder Member Managers has reached out through the in-app chat.

We apologise for the delay!



I am supposed to have received a payment today at Lloyds (that was made at noon) and it has yet to go through - is this delay normal?


Hi Jason,

We’ve reached out on a private channel to discuss further.


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