Passport scanning issues


Hello @jjf,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our member support team just contacted you via e-mail. They will work with you until this is fully resolved.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.



Still happening - is there any prospect of this EVER being sorted out? Prospective customers have been complaining about this for over a year and it doesn’t bode well for the reliability of the service you offer…
Passport on a matt black background, well-lit at an oblique angle with no reflections or flare, tried framing just the holographic page and both “picture” pages, 'phone steadied physically, no shadows - app uninstalled and reinstalled twice, still DOES NOT WORK. I’ll try again a couple more times, if it doesn’t work I may choose another bank for my business account, the pleasant young lady I spoke to on the help line had no other suggestions…


Hello @Hopefuldave,

We are sorry to hear about the experienced inconvenience.

Could you please confirm your company name so we can follow up and prioritize the case?

Looking forward to your reply!


Don’t worry, I’ve taken my business elsewhere!


So have I. APPALLING customer service, never got in contact after first reply.


Hi there @Beab

I’ve had a look and I’m afraid I wasn’t able to find any communication from you on our end. Could you let me know the name of your business or the email that you used to contact us?

I’d be happy to look into it and get back to you more quickly.



Hi can someone help me please? I’m having the same scanning problems, I’ve been trying to scan my passport all day with no luck at all.
Business and a called glistennglowaromas.
Thank you!


Hello @GG2020,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our support team contacted you via e-mail and will work with you until the case is fully resolved.

Please do let us know if you should require any further assistance,



Same issue. I have a SamsungNote with Android.