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Any one please guide me about Tide bank if he/she is using.

I am facing a problem while scanning my passport as it scans automatically.

Need help.

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    Jul '20
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    Nov '20
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Hello @muneeb1997! I’m sorry that you are facing difficulties. Could you please provide me with more details about that?

Also, please ensure the following:

  • not obscure any part of the photo page of the passport especially any machine-readable text
  • in a well-lit room, this needs to be bright but not to the extent that there is glare reflecting from your document
  • holding your device carefully so that the app can capture a clear, stable image.
  • holding the device in such a way that ensures the corners of the document are within the capture region of the screen within your app

Additionally, you can try:

  • to capture this using your front-facing camera if you are having ongoing difficulties
  • to attempt submission of an alternative form of ID

I hope this helps!

Can you verify my identity manually.

I have attached my passport Scan image and sent from my account email that is [email protected]

I have followed all your provided guidelines but still the same issue.

The app is not scanning and mobile is new and just purchased recently.

I have took care all about your about provided guidelines.

Is it possible that you can do it manually if i sent you a passport.
There is an issue from your system as scanner is not responding.

Neither its capturing the passport.

I hold so many times

applied many conditions…

follow your guidelines but still .

Hi there @muneeb1997

Thank you for getting back to us on this!

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make the verification manually. If you’re still encountering these issues, I’d recommend that you reach out to the onboarding support team at 02038932915, they might be able to assist you further!


2 months later

Can I get help with scanning too? I cannot scan my passport.
Clicks and bricks limited

Hi there @Candb

You can always contact the Onboarding support team on the same number I provided above - they’ll help you out to the best of their ability.

Bear in mind they’re available during regular working hours.


Hello, I am having the same issue with verifying my passport. The camera refuses to take the photo. What do I do?

Hello @Kian

Thank you for getting in touch.

Could you please confirm if you have been in touch with our on-boaridng team via the mobile number provided above?

Looking forward to your reply.


27 days later

Hi There. Like many others, despite using phone and tablet, my passport won’t scan.

Business name is Bellmac Investments Limited.

Can you help me please?



Good morning, Stuart.

I’d recommend that you call our Onboarding Support team if you can’t scan your passport, they can be reached during business hours at 02038932915.

I hope they’ll be able to help you!