Paper or PDF statements


Hi. Other companies, e.g. Mortgage providers, will want to see a series of bank statements for my company. How can I produce these? I can only see csv download in the app and can’t find anything in the help.



That would be a perfectly valid feature request.

Hypothetically, one could fetch the transactions via API and generate a PDF document. If the feature goes unimplemented for long, then I would see if I can do that via API instead because I have already written a Tide API client so it would be not that hard.

Go ahead and submit a feature request to your Founder Member Manager via in-app Help section, if you haven’t already!


Hi @pickthalld! Currently, we are able to generate a PDF copy of your monthly accounts statements upon request- you can just let us know via the in-app messaging tool. We are also working to have these be automatically generated and available to download directly through the app in the next few months. More details regarding accessing your accounts statements can be found here.


Thanks. Will do.


Hi, Sorry to bring up an old thread - but this one seemed quite relevant.

At what point in the month are the statements actually produced?

The app page doesnt state anything, but the web version states: “Automatically generated statements appear here at the end of each calendar month.” - However its the 5th of February dnd I’m still not seeing January in my account.


Hi @dswebsites! Statements are made available on the 8th of the following month, so your January statement will be available to download this coming Thursday :slight_smile:


My tide business account has been close and I really need the statement to give to my other bank
Pls how can I get my tide account statement