Outbound Payment blocked “for security reasons”



Situation resolved quickly after the account review team completed their work, thanks!!


Glad to hear it!


Hi, my payment is blocked with a reason of security checks.
Mine is business transaction and my solicitors are waiting for getting this through.
Its really embarrassing for me in front of others.
I have been in touch in in-app and I will get response in every 6 hours which is not helping me.
I need this to be addressed asap.
My business transaction will fail without this.
Please help me.


Thank you for reaching out about this @venkat.puppala

I’ve just looked into this with the team - as soon as their review of the transaction is complete they’ll be in touch. I’ve made sure to stress the urgency and I expect that you won’t have to wait much longer.



Obi I have the same issues again

Can you assist

This time it’s more urgent


Thanks @Obi_at_Tide, may I know what is SLA to handle these kind of tickets?
Yesterday I was asked to send additional documents for security checks which I did and its been more than 12 hours I didnt receive any response.
I think we are missing something here, I work in banking industry and any queries in payments cannot have SLA of more than few hours. In this case it took almost 2 days which is not acceptable.

You should have a separate team who handle payments only as you will never know what situation customer is in with regards to these blocked payments.
Hope you understand this and take proper action in future.


Thank you for following up on this @venkat.puppala

Typically we try to have these checks sorted within 24 hours at most. Right now we’re seeing high volumes across many of our teams, but they’re giving their all to address everything as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your patience, we do hope to expand our capacity in this regard as well so we can avoid any delays.