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Hello, I have had an outbound payment blocked yesterday for security reasons, however I made a similar payment without issue to the same recipient (in fact used the saved payment details from previous outbound transaction) only 4 weeks ago. The payment is for completion on a property scheduled tomorrow so its imperative that this is resolved ASAP. Please do so in order to restore my faith in your services. I have made numerous attempts to contact you via the messaging service in the app, but no response for hours, except an initial ‘hello’ and direction to FAQ. I have since expressed several times that I need further assistance, yet still wait. Please assist me.

Hello, I now require urgent assistance. Still nobody is responding to the messages that I’m sending via the app. After a while the content of the messages fail to load. Please can somebody contact me ASAP. I’m will incur penalties from both suppliers shortly.

Hi @TripW, sorry for our delay in coming back to you on this platform. I can see that this has been resolved for you via the in-app chat. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the app if we can assist with anything else.
Thanks, Ali

3 months later

I am also encountering issues. I opened my tide account a few days back and then credited some money to this account for my new business. I went to pay my shopfitter their deposit last night and the payment has been blocked for security. I really need someone at tide to contact me to rectify this as I have my shopfitter chasing the deposit and they are working to a tight deadline of theirs and are in need of the deposit to commence work.

Can you please contact me to resolve these security issues ASAP

May I ask Tide if they will be offering recompense to customers that have incurred extra fees, penalties and losses as a side effect of all of this?

Thank you for your comments.

I do appreciate that sometimes these pauses come at inconvenient times. Where appropriate we’ll absolutely compensate our members accordingly.

We’re obligated to do them to ensure both our members’ accounts safety and the integrity of our payments network, I’m certain the team will reach out to resolve these matters with you shortly.


My account was blocked ( “ for security reasons” as yet unspecified) several days ago with fatuous messages from “ the Team” about how this was going to be resolved very soon, Several days later - nothing : account still blocked & no communication. I am going to switch from this appalling service ASAP!

Agreed. I received a large payment for the sale of a property and now all outgoing payments blocked.

I’ve seen numerous threads on this community site about this “rare” security check which seems to have happened to many many people…

I’ve now incurred charges and rest assured will be closing the account and going back to traditional banking as well as making this the next topic of my article in the business section for the 22,000 reader-strong landlord and business magazines that I write for.

I understand the checks but you have grossly abhorrent service. No communications. I can’t access my funds… I have people to pay with mortgages and children to feed and we’ve gone past payroll.

If you’re reading this. Don’t use tide.

25 days later

Yeah stay away from tide everyone

They block your money and don’t respond for days on end

Hi there @James4

I’m sorry to hear about this, could I ask you to confirm the name of your business with us?

I’d be happy to look into the issue for you right away.


Thank you for letting me know, @James4

I’ve had a look into your messages with us and chased this up with the responsible team.

Checks on outbound payments are a required process for us - it’s part of how we keep our members’ accounts safe and secure, but we don’t want them to be disruptive.

The team will be in touch with you shortly.


That doesn’t help me when I have driven 2 hours to pick up a part for a truck that I can’t pay for
I am stuck in the cold waiting to pay

Will tide cover my waiting time and hotel until they resolve the issue ?

I will be closing the account after this fiasco

I think others will be doing the same also by reading the many many threads on here

I apologise for the inconvenience @James4

We’ll take care of this for you as soon as we possibly can.

And of course, if you incur any damages because of us, we want to make up for them to you as well. I believe the team have been int ouch with you now, so please refer to their messages and provide them with any details they’ve requested, that will help them complete their checks most quickly.


The team haven’t been in contact still

Only a message from the complaints team giving me a complaint number only

In all fairness tide have resolved my issue fully
So let’s hope things continue

Thanks to all involved

Glad to hear it @James4

Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need anything further, I’d be happy to help.


11 days later

Hi I have the same issue with an outbound faster payment and urgently require assistance. Can someone please contact me?

Thanks for letting us know about this here @gphinn

I’ve just reached out to the team to have a look into this for you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for your patience!