Our coming of age


Today is a big day for us at Tide: a coming of age, though we’ve only been out in the world 15 months. We’re announcing a raft of new features, a new design, and a bigger persona. Read all about it in a note from our founder, George Bevis here.


Is the Freeagent integration ready? It sounds like it is from that post, but can’t see how to enable it?


I have the same question.

Tide bank is not recognised on Freeagent as a compatible feed. How is the FreeAgent integration that George announced actually achieved?


Hi @j1mmy76 and @bobbybasic ! You can find out more about our integration with FreeAgent here. You can also find some FAQ about this here

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

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That’s rather exciting!


Congratulations to you all at Tide!

I can’t wait to see Tide evolve and lead the business banking revolution, whilst the traditional fat-cats of the sector sit in their ivory towers, as they watch helplessly as their long-time & poorly treated-customers flee in droves.

It happened to the energy sector, with the big-six companies with 80% of the market seeing an exodus to the smarter, fairer, smaller companies that have emerged over recent years.

Big six energy firms lose 163,000 customers

RBS, NatWest, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays… all seeing more customers leaving than joining.

The banks gaining and losing the most customers - and why it’s happening

Banking is next people - and this is just the start!


I would have preferred you spent time on Xero integration for Android rather than a new look and feel.


The launch of the FreeAgent integration has made me get off the fence and activate my tide card which was collecting dust for the better part of a year. I also moved money into the account and used it for the first time almost a year after setting it up. Subject to some additional basic functionality coming live, I would now be likely to make Tide my businesse’s main bank.
I have to admit though that I shared the same confusion as others in this thread. FreeAgent still doesn’t list Tide as one of the banks it provides integration for and the Tide app still presents FreeAgent as an option to vote for. From a product feature perspective, these Might seem minor but, they’re unnecessarily confusing aspects.
Once you go through the bespoke process of linking the Tide and FreeAgent and see nothing happening for a few hours you wonder whether you’ve actually done it correctly; you wonder whether you need to “enable bank feed” from within FreeAgent from example. @Valentine_at_Tide I suggest updating the instructions to reduce this ambiguity and even stating that feeds are synced at 2am daily (if that’s the case for all users).
So far, I’m pleased with this integration, but also have a wish-list, which would make this feature really useful for me. I like to record my expense, add details, category, snap my receipt, chuck it and forget about it all, right after purchase or at the end of each day, so it would be great if all data around a transaction which is recorded in the Tide app would sync with fields in FreeAgent, covering:

  1. Category
  2. Comment
  3. Attachment (photo of receipt)

There is basically no point for me to record these three in Tide if I have to record them again in FreeAgent the following day.
Until this is a possibility, it would very helpful if I could manually trigger the sync and not have to wait for the 24 hour cycle, so that I don’t have to defer data recording to the next day. I presume you wouldn’t want people overloading the server/network with manual sync, so what if you limit each user to, say 3 free manual syncs per day and then charge for additional ones (I would pay). Or let people set their preferred auto-sync time.


Hi @rezorfish,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it’s very helpful!

You’ll be happy to know that we’re working on most of the things you’ve listed above. Our integration with FreeAgent is in its early stages and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions, I’d be happy to help.


I’m in a similar boat. I’ve held off getting a Tide account until this integration was live, and was pretty excited to get going once I saw the news…

However, since setting up the integration and moving some money around I have 2 misgivings that have had me reconsidering the move over to Tide for the time being.

  1. Similar to @rezorfish, I was surprised to find this integration to be a single overnight sync. To be honest, I was expecting instantaneous updates (surely the volumes aren’t large enough to be overloading any servers, and surely neither party would be charging per API call when the integration benefits them both?). Instead of logging into FreeAgent to do some admin, move some money, refresh my bank feed in FreeAgent and then explain those transactions, I’ll now have to come back a day later to finish what I started.
    That said, hopefully, based on @Valentine_at_Tide’s comments, we may see an improvement to this shortly by means of a manual sync or similar - it would be great if you can confirm this point specifically?

  2. I was surprised at the length of time it took for faster payments to move to and from my Tide account. I appreciate faster payments have always been ‘up to 2 hours’ but these days they tend to almost always be instant?

Slow transfers, coupled with the above sync issue, mean that this new integration actually provides a worse experience than my current Lloyds Business / FreeAgent combination :frowning:


NO disrespect but why would you pick an app that was not developed to a level you where happy within android before joining? It’s your fault really. It will come in time but your choice in timing so will have to be patient but you got in as a founder member! and for the rest of us that chose based on our current tech then we appreciate the better version. Don’t be bitter friend we will all benefit in the end :slight_smile: Patience will pay off :slight_smile:


While people regularly talk of the 2 hour transfer target technically under the terms of the Faster Payments Scheme the payments can take up to the end of the following banking day. Which is why some banks (Lloyds I think is one) give the option of sending by BACS if you want to guarantee receipt the same day.

As for instant payments there are about four main ways of connecting to and sending FPS payments. Instant payments are more likely where one or both of the parties in.a transfer are full “members” at the heart of FPS, many others are indirect participants or send payments in batches rather than individual real time. Also advance or reoccurring payments are slightly different to one off payments and may be only available 5 days a week whereas ad hoc payments are (depending on the bank) available 7 days a week.