Opening account for foreigners


Hello, I am foreigner, I have registered UK account. Can you guide me to open account for my business? I could not find tide app on Google Playmarket.


Hi @orkhan,

Is you Google Play account registered to the UK? Currently the Tide app is available in UK app stores only.

If you’re on a UK account and still having trouble downloading the app, could you please email so we can look in to this for you?


I guess no. Sorry but what do you exactly mean registered to the UK? Means, it should be UK mobile number?


Your Google Play account will be registered to a country @orkhan, you can contact Google if you’re not sure which country your account is currently registered to :slight_smile:

You’ll also need to have a valid UK phone number when applying.


is it possible to have virtual UK number, or you support only sim card having on the phone?


Hi @orkhan,

We only support sim cards, no virtual numbers unfortunately.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help


If I would purchase UK sim card and shipped to my country, is it valid to use the sim card for tide?


If you can receive text messages from the UK, you’d have to ask the UK provider @orkhan


Hello. I have a virtual British number on which I can receive SMS and calls. Can I use your service?