Opening a Bank Account as a Non-UK Resident


I’m the director of a UK company but not a UK resident, can you please tell me how to open an account as I can’t get past the uk address screen



Hi there @jojo77m

I’ve just sent you a message with some additional details that should help out!

Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need anything further.



Hey i m non uk resident and i wont to register my company on uk how can i do that


Hi there @Gaithkhelifi

While we can assist in the company formations side of things, if you have specific questions about how the process works and what is required from you - I’d recommend looking into the Companies House website.



I m from tunisie and i wont to register my online retail business in uk with you


We’d be happy to have you if we can @Gaithkhelifi

Again, I recommend looking up the details about setting up a company in the UK in Companies House, and if you cover all the criteria, you can just go to our website ( and go under ‘Register a Company’.



Hi Team Tide,
I am also the director of a British LTD company but I am not a UK resident. Can you tell me how to open an account as I can’t get past the UK address screen?


Hi there @donald

I would recommend that you reach out to the member support team at and ask about our virtual office address offer, they’ll be able to give you some more information on how to take advantage and any other details you might need.



OK but I have been writing to them for a long time but still no answer, can you contact them for me please.