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I hope that my email will find you well.

Thank you for your explanation, however I do not agree with for the following reasons.

I had to send document via the app from company house regarding Poseiidon as it was a new bank account, which are two different companies . I cannot make myself more specific than that.

Two different entities cannot have the same bank account.

This account never got open by November 2019 as you mentioned but in 2018 instead. It seems to me that even Tide data are not reliable. Which is another concerned.

From an outside perspective it is an internal issue, Tide would have to take responsibility for it.
Especially because I have pending client that I cannot even forward bank details because my bank account hasn’t been blocked due to an app upgrade back in May 2019.

I am taking Tide responsible for what is happening without mentioned the consequences that I had to face with HMRC due to the lack professionalism of your peers.

As we speak the account is still not available to me.

I am not satisfied with the outcome I am really sorry.
Tide will need to take responsibility for what happened since May 2018 where Tide customer service didn’t have the professionalism to revert to me with a correct answer instead a bunch explanation without making any sense.

I understand that you find out what happened within the system but I am not responsible for the failure for Tide system.

Beside how come Tide want to me to believe that two separate companies can have the same account…

Tide System is not reliable. I have been left in cold for more than 6 months now without mentioned the mental stress and anxiety. Back in November 2018 it was me against all your colleague no one was able to help me instead they were going by the book and left me out in the cold without rational answer.

A bank should be reliable, Tide is not.
I have seek legal advise on that matters.
I am willing to go through the legal as this situation is unacceptable in angle that I looking at it.

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From: Tide <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, March 2, 2020 5:50:26 PM
Subject: Tide

Please accept my apologies. Please find the statements attached.

Since last year I am asking for my account issue to be resolves, this is insane, I am asking since last may 2019 why I cannot have access to my bank my account!!! and now I am receiving bank statement Laurus instead of Poseiiidon !!!

I wont accept any apologies from Tide that will need to address and sorted at court.

There is dysfunctiomment within the customer service that is not acceptable in whatsoever I have open a formal complain since and yet it seems that no one is taking me seriously.

The time and effort that I am invested since May 2019, we are march the 2nd and yet no rational explain explanation or manager trying to resolved that issue.

13 days later

Hello! I understand that our team have been in touch, thanks for your time on the phone.