⚠️ Notice for our members - upcoming maintenance


Occasionally we need to do maintenance to allow our tech team to make improvements to our app. This can affect our service so it’s important to keep you up to date.

What’s coming up?

Sunday 9th February 7am - 9am: No access
You won’t be able to sign up to Tide or login to your account during this period of time; this may take up to two hours, but we will work to keep it under 1 hour.

Any incoming payments to your Tide account will be received as normal. All scheduled payments will leave your account as planned and card transactions will function normally. You’ll be able to login to your Tide account as normal from 9 am onwards.

Why is this happening?

Following our outage last week we are making changes behind the scenes to further improve stability, capacity and resilience. 2019 was an exciting year of growth and our community almost tripled in size, so thank you to everyone who chose Tide. These works will mean we can continue to scale up, better serve our growing number of members and bring you more exciting features in 2020.

We know many of you, as entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers, don’t have a traditional 9-5 Monday - Friday schedule, so we’re letting you know in case you need to make alternative arrangements.

What happens if I need to get in touch?

Our Member Support team are on hand 24/7 to help you. Just email hello@tide.co and let the team know your full name and business name. They’ll do everything they can to assist.

FPS not received for 10 hours on 2 days
Tide is undergoing maintenance
Unable to open app on android phone 310120
Currently can't log in to Tide via iOs app

We’ve completed the maintenance successfully and all services are available. Thanks for your patience - every time we make updates like this, we’re improving Tide for everyone.