Not syncing with Xero



I thought I would pop this in here as my experience so far with in app ‘chat’ is that it takes 2 days for a response. Hopefully someone here can help me quicker! I am new to Xero/Tide and picked them as I have heard they work well together. I am synced so far but the annoying problem I have is that my receipts do not come through from Tide to Xero so I have to add them in again manually. Is there a way to solve this!?



Hi @Greyhoundonthegreen,

I’m really sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We’ve received an increasing number of messages over the past few days which impacted our response time. Rest assured that the team is on it!

To answer your question, unfortunately, the receipts do not connect through to Xero. The best way to do this is to add them to the transactions directly on the Xero platform.

Hope this helps!



Are you planning to push the receipts through to Xero?
Or is there a way for accountants to see the original receipt? My clients don’t want to have to put the receipt in twice when they have already put it in Tide.


hi @fearlessfinancials,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - unfortunately at this time it’s not something that we’ve got planned. But thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed it to our Product Development team

Sorry I couldn’t be more help !



If you are not planning to push the receipt through is there a way for accountants to see the original receipt? Should this be possible through the partner view? I have a partner account but found it so difficult to set up that I gave up. Would be worth it if I can see the original receipts.

Just wondering what also happens if HMRC wants to see receipts in the case of a query?


Hi @fearlessfinancials,

I’m happy to confirm that the next generation of our Xero integration will send Xero transaction attachments (receipts and invoices). In the meantime, if HMRC needed the attachments, you can download them in-app or on Tide on the web.

Our Partnerships team has just sent you an email to further assist you this :slight_smile: