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Ive been trying to get in touch with customer support for the last few months. My account was closed few months ago with a large amount of money in it. Ive not receieved my funds since and all theyve requested is another account to send the funds to but its been 4 months since i sent them it and got no reply or funds. Last week i riased the concern on the public page which i finally managed to get a reply but it was the same thing as usual. They asked for my account details to send money into and after that no response. Ive emailed them over hundreds of time but still no response. Can someone help me in how to get in touch with them

Thank you for following up on this @Michealscully1

The team have sent multiple emails to the one associated with your account, and on a thread that you had been able to reply to them previously. I’ll reach out to you shortly to confirm the email that we’ve been in touch on.

I assure you, we’re not making any effort to be evasive, but if you’re contacting us from a different email altogether, it’s something that we’ll need to confirm with the team so they can switch communication through to it, if that’s what you’d prefer.


No ive been contacting you from one email and its the same email you guys have got in touch with me before. Ive sent several email in response to the email you guys sent out. The only email im getting is sorry for the inconvenience caused by us nd can you send the sort code and account number for the money to go in. But after that theres no response or no money refunded to me. Could you give me a time frame of how many days it will take for the money to come through because the only decent response im getting from tide is from you on this page.

13 days later

Obi there not updates all you been saying is you havnt got any updates just of yet and i have a problem with my outlook account as you guys are not receiving my emails. But after reading all the post on here i think the problems not with the customers its with you guys as how are you suppose to say that everyone wanting their money back has a problem with their email accounts.

This does seem to be a very unusual situation, @Michealscully1

I’ve checked in with our compliance team as well as the technical team internally, I’m afraid that we haven’t been able to find any cause on our end for your emails to not be reaching us, so to eliminate all the possible causes, I can only suggest that you check on this with Outlook.

Have you already done so and what did their support teams tell you? That might help us find a solution from our side as well.


Yes ive done that. They said theres no reason showing why they not recieveing your enails, the emails show as delivered. Obi wat ur not understanding is i get a response here and there from them when i email them after a few weeks but all they do is say im sorry for the inconvenience caused can you send your bank statement. So it clearly shows they are getting the emails if they respond to some of mine. But weve been going in the same loop every time and im not getting my money. Anyways you have confirmed you got my bank statement and sort code account number so there shouldnt be any reason to why im not getting my money nack anytime soon. I would appreciate if you could chase the relevant team and see if they have issued my payment back to me.

I’ve just checked in with the team on this @Michealscully1

I can confirm that we still haven’t received the statement in question, we can only accept a PDF of it and that, unfortunately, hasn’t gone through to us thus far.

We will look into alternatives and get in touch as soon as possible to sort this out.


Yes, preferably - if the team are receiving your emails there, please send the PDF of your statements to them right away.