Not being able to access my own money!


Hi there, I currently have not been been able to access my account for nearly a week now. I didn’t realise that they had blocked my account without telling me until I did a job yesterday and went for diesel 40 miles from customers location only to find out my card was blocked. Leaving me stranded and having to completely embarrass myself and calling my client to ask them to drive 40 miles to come and give me money for fuel. As you can imagine I am completing furious that I had to do this.
I had sent Tide an email 36 hrs ago to tell them that over the past week, two customer’s tried to pay me, however payments got bounced back into thier account. I got an automated response straight away telling me someone would reply in 14 hrs but nothing!!! I also sent them an email last evening about my problem yesterday and still nothing back from them. They did not send me ANY communication about why my account is frozen!!!
Such a bad experience I will be emptying my money from my account as soon as this situation is resolved.


Thank you for reaching out about this @Milman20

I’m terribly sorry to hear about this situation - I’d be happy to look into this for you and do what I can to assist you. Could I ask you to confirm the name of your business?