Non-prepaid cards


I like the convenience of being able to classify my business expenditure on the go, however Google Ads and Bing Ads now no longer support Prepaid cards owing to security issues. As far as I know Tide only gives out prepaid cards. I am considering taking out a business credit card with another bank just so I can pay these bills as they are essential for my business, however I really don’t want to add further hassle in another set of transactions to classify in my accounts.

Is there a timeline for a non-prepaid card rollout, and, if not, do any other users know any tips on how to circumvent this?



Hi @aakarim

We don’t provide any other cards except Prepaid cards and there aren’t any plans on introducing non-prepaid cards. It is down to the merchants on whether they accept payments from a Prepaid card. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Thanks, Waiel


I only realised it was a pre-paid card from just browsing through the forum and a little disappointed now. I hear some other companies will possibly soon be releasing business accounts so I will be keeping an eye out if they will have low fees and an actual debit card! I’m fairly certain that is what a lot of people actually want.


You can often get around the prepaid card issue by using Paypal to pay. Set up your Tide card on your Paypal account and problem solved.


Just found this out - big issue for me . I’m afraid if there is no plan for a real debit card then its time to look for another provider