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My customer sent a large payment to me on monday via chaps but it hasnt shown in my account. I am under my limit so that cant be the problem! Desperate to make some payments of my own! no response from the helpline at all! Ive tried the helpline but it just directs you to the app help!!

So now they tell me that although the app says my limit is £50,000, ‘by mistake’ it has only been set at £25,000. However they need to speak to financials to see what to do. Meanwhile sitting with £40,000 of my customers money. I cant procede and pay for goods so I am dealing with the wrath of my customer who banks at Barclaysand just cannot understand why her money has vanished!!

Apart from initial response that they don’t understand what has happened I still have had no reply and no sign of my money! Just don’t understand how anyone can keep money that’s not theirs! It’s criminal!! We are talking about 40k here, a large amount of money!! This is causing so much anxiety for my company and my poor old customer!!

Please Tide could you contact me. My customer has rang the police because she thinks her money has been stolen!

Thank you for chasing this up, @alyr33

I completely understand how stressful this must be. I can see that the team have responded and are working with the responsible departments to see the payment properly applied.

I’ll make sure to chase this up with them as well, please let your client know that we would be willing to issue confirmation from our side if it would assuage their concerns.


Thank you for at least getting back to me. The team responded at 9 am to say they were working on it but it is still not in my account. Please could you email me something I can show my customer or better still use that time to get ‘financial’ to reinstate my proper limit so that I can receive my own money!!

Thank you as well for the response @alyr33

I’ve asked my colleagues to chase this up and update you on the matter as soon as possible.

I hope we’ll be able to sort this out for you soon.


Ok I was told that my limit has been increased yesterday but you are now waiting on the financial team to apply the funds to my account.
How on earth does this take so long! its pressing a button!!!
My customer has told me she will never work with us again due to the stress we have caused her and the delay in paying for materials. This was a major customer to us post covid 19.
We are utterly desperate for this money, please pay it to us!!!

Ok, you have now released the money into my account but when I try and make a purchase my account is blocked!
What fresh Hell is this now?

Im puting this all on here for present /future customers of tide to see what you are up against.
Apparently for security reasins Im not allowed to pay a company that has done work for me! This company has a company number, has traded for 30 years but Tide have decided no, I cant pay them for work they have completed ‘for security reasons’
I also tried to transfer a small amount to my personal account but no, Im a security risk too! so I now have my customers money in my account but I cant use it!!!

Oh and I have now tried to do a transfer to a high street bank but no, for security reasons thats not allowed either!

Thank you for reaching out about this @alyr33

I assure you that any checks are made so that we can be compliante with UK regulations and keep our member accounts safe. I’ve asked the responsible team to look into this matter for you as urgently as they can, in light of the difficulties in receiving this payment initially.

I completely understand your frustration, but as soon as the checks are completed, you’ll be able to make the transfer without any further disruption.


Thank you for getting back to me.
Please dont patronise me about being compliant with uk regulations. I have provided you with all my ID and I have used and paid this company before. I have a high street bank account and this never happens.
As transactions to anyone for any amount are being blocked it cant be the payments themselves you are concerned with but me as an account holder. A quick read over this forum and many other financial forums out there shows this is a regular thing you hide behind, the upshot being that banking with you means you are not in control of your own business account, you cant pay suppliers promptly so you are at risk of losing business and ultimate failure of your own company.

Thank you as well for your reply, @alyr33

I do understand that this is concerning, but we do try to keep these checks as infrequent as possible, and resolve them as quickly as we possibly can.

The team will be in touch with you shortly to sort this out.


I am reading this thread with horror as a relatively new customer whose account has been frozen and card swallowed at the ATM. I thought there was some mistake. But having read the posts on here I am concerned about transacting further through this account. The common theme seems to be the failure to respond or resolve the issue. This happened to me on Friday mid morning and I have heard nothing further despite sending messages.

i should add to my last post, the irony of it is that i thought it was a matter of my card having been accidentally swallowed by the atm. So I have requested a new card. I have now been invited to apply for up to 35 extra cards for my team!!! What use such cards with a frozen account

Thank you for your message @dbaker7169

I can see that the team have been able to respond to your messages - I do appreciate that we haven’t been able to be quite as timely as we normally strive for, with the volume of queries we’re receiving.

We’re working to normalize our response times, and we will respond to every query we receive as quickly as we’re able.