No response from support team


Hi there,

I am very new to Tide as I only opened my account a couple of days ago.

I was really excited because I support fintech companies like Tide.

However, I now have an urgent issue and I am yet to hear back from your team although I sent my message over 50 minutes ago. Since you have no phone number I don’t know what else to do.

Not being able to speak to someone quickly is a considerate minus for me. I hope I will hear from your team very shortly and you will work on improving the waiting times.

Many thanks,



Hi @elsa_sf,

Welcome on-board to Tide and sorry you did not receive a response sooner.

Our Member Support team always strive to deliver fast and effective solutions to our members so we are disappointed this was not the case for you.

I can see that your query has been resolved by one of our agents from the team.

If you do have any questions or queries in the future, message the team using our in-app chat and an agent will be happy to help.



We are not getting a response from them either and inbound funds have gone missing AFTER being sent to Tide!


I’m also struggling as the chat feature doesn’t appear to be working. Tried to send a message last night and today and get “message failed, tap to retry” - have retried multiple times.



I’m getting the error message in the chat feature when I try to send a message and I’m also waiting on funds to appear. What’s going on?


Not only is the messaging service not working, the Funds Transfer service too seems to be down. The responses I am getting from support too is worrisome and concerning. I explained in detail what issues I am facing and I get asked what error message am I getting! I am really at a loss as I honestly thinking of moving.