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After slowly transitioning and testing tide in the past few months 2 months ago I decided to start moving all my business to tide due to the poor customer service from high streets.

Now since yesterday I have had a block on my account for incoming and out going payments and no urgency to resolve this issue.

This week I am expecting some payments and if they don’t come in or get delayed in reaching me my business will receive severe cash flow problem and with the current climate will have a detrimental impact on me personally.

I wasn’t told why it was blocked nor do I understand why incoming payments have been stopped, nor have I been given an estimate on a resolution.

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    May '20
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Well don’t expect good or swift customer service from Tide either, from having money stolen from my business account, 24 hrs later there has been 2 communications saying be patient our Dispute team will contact you.
At this point I don’t think Tide has any support apart from a couple of people vainly trying to keep the communications down.
I see no action what so ever from Tide.
It worries me that this might be a breach of Tide itself with no communication.

May need to consider going back to high street banking, worrying how they’re handling things especially given the current climate

Hello, we have contacted our disputes team so they can be in touch as soon as possible and assist you with the unrecognized transactions.

But it needs communication from Tide, not a block and nothing from support. I do feel for you Muhammed, having no communication for such an important matter.

I’ve read that page and nothing applies to me, I barley use tide in comparison to my main account and the moment I decide to this happens? I’m expecting a few payments and now they will be reversed and a delay in reaching

I haven’t been given no proper reason why this has happened nor have I got an estimate on how long this will take

I can’t go out and do my shopping and will miss bills and inturn damage my credit score

I understand that this is a bad time for a pause, but even in situations like the current one we take the security of our members’ Tide accounts very seriously.

The team have already been int ouch to sort out the details, please respond to them as soon as you can.