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Question: What word follows “growth” and “working” to describe two things that business owners need, but struggle to get their hands on? Answer: capital.

100,000 UK firms are refused a bank loan each year. According to the British Business Bank, that’s an approximate £4bn that could be fuelling company growth and benefiting the UK economy.

This is not what businesses deserve.

So as of today, Tide is stepping in to offer small and medium-sized companies the debt product they need. We’re rolling Tide Credit out, in partnership with online lender iwoca, to bring fast, fair and flexible funds to our members.

Tide Credit gives you up to £15,000 of capital instantly into your Tide account, after an application and approval process of just two minutes. If you need more than £15,000, just ask - loans of up to £150,000 are available on request.

Speed isn’t the only thing that sets Tide Credit apart from other loan products. Members can make unlimited early repayments without penalties. We don’t think it’s fair that you should pay more if you want to pay sooner! Our representative APR, with specific rates that reflect borrower circumstances, stands at a competitive 9.9%.

So there’s help on hand if you’re in the middle of a cashflow crunch. We’re by your side when you need to invest in the latest equipment for your business.

And best of all, we help you get through it quickly. So you can get back to doing what you love.

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Hi could you provide more information in regards to apply for cash flow credit please

Hi Sergio! We will be providing more information about Tide Credit soon. In the meantime, are there any specific questions I can help you with?

Does that means this feature isn’t still available in Tide app?

Which requirements user has to fulfill to apply for Tide Credit?

Hi @steelmantuts,

We are gradually rolling out Tide Credit on Android devices, and we’re launching on iOS in the coming weeks. If you’d like priority access on either Android or iOS, please register your interest here 56.

When making credit decisions, iwoca consider a range of factors relating to the business and the people behind the business.

Hope this helps!

2 months later

Hi Mark, any member using an Android device can access Tide Credit now. Get started by logging into your Tide account and visit the Accounts page. Next, tap link to ‘Get approved for up to £150,000 credit’ (located beneath your current accounts).

And we’re releasing Credit in Preview on iOS this week! Let me know if you use an iOS device. I can then add you to the preview programme.

Hi Victoria

Is that by logging into my normal mobile banking app…as I can’t see anything with regards to applying…

Many Thanks

Mark bascombe

Hi @Bascomms, could you confirm whether you have the latest version of the Tide app on Android? Members who wish to gain access to credit on Android must have the most up to date version.

I should have does it automatically update or do I need to do this via the play store…

Many Thanks

Mark bascombe

Sometimes members have updates automatically set up. But it’s definitely worth manually checking this. Do let me know if you see the Credit application after updating (if you did manually update).

9 days later

Hi there

I’ve been invited to preview, but I’m having trouble doing anything with ‘Test Flight’. When I open the app it’s asking me to redeem a code. I do not have one and I’ve had no email from Test Flight with one.

I’ve had an email from you asking me to download Test Flight but I am unable to proceed with further instruction due to needing a code.

Can you help

Hello I had received a email that I can access the credit facility up to 15.000£ but asking me to download the app from new

Hi @Loisevegriffin, sorry to hear this. Looks like we need to invite your email to TestFlight in order for you to proceed - sorry for the confusion. I’ll DM you now requesting your email and then I can get our Product Support team to invite you to the Preview Programme. Thanks :smiley:

14 days later

Hi guys,

I requested access to using the credit facility in the app within the Tide app and got invited to sign up to the Preview. Once I did this, the credit application facility appeared in the app and I tried applying for credit. On applying for credit, the following happened:

  1. Attempt one: Applied, it went beyond the 30 second wait time and eventually said we need to do more checks - we will message you later. It never did after days

  2. Attempt two onwards: Applied again, on clicking submit the app crashes and fails.

This is now continually happening and we still don’t access to our credit.

Can anyone assist us please?

Best wishes,

Thanks for reaching out @hyousif86200!
I can see you have been discussing this with one of my colleagues in the Help Team, we have just reached out to you with an update on applying for credit :slight_smile:

2 years later

I have big plans and dreams to bring better life equality to everyone using my training and support through my business Reverb Effect Ltd. I deserve this 15000 GBP st list to be active in my account. But you say no for some reason??? I would like 45000GBP to run my project with full strength and bring funds for future success.