No further breakthrough in securing bbl funding?


Hi Tide like so so many businesses we are unable to get a bbl from other banks as they are not opening new business accounts and our hopes rest with our bank Tide . Are there any negotiations still ongoing with the treasury or british business bank to make funds available or is there stance still they wont intervene?


Hi there @Neil50

Unfortunately, so far there hasn’t been any change in their stance as far as I’m aware.

If there is any kind of breakthrough, we’ll absolutely make a broader announcement to address it and keep you apprised.



Are Tide still lobying Obi?


Does anyone know if the BBL deadline (not sure what it is) means you have to have been APPROVED prior to the deadline or you just need to lodge your application prior to the deadline. For example, if you lodge your application one day before the deadline does that “count” as being “in time” - even if it takes some time for the application to be processed? Any info appreciated


Hi, it’s been 48hours but I still can’t access my account… Please help


Apparently they are extending the deadline for applications to the end of November not the 4/6th or whatever it was & the deadline for processing is end of the year.

Hope this helps fella


Got sorted with Metro.

Money landed this afternoon.

I hope all & everyone Who’s genuine manage to get sorted.

  1. Dont expect to pay them back past 12/24 months

  2. Expect round 2 after brexit, makes sense for the government to build back up once brexit (deleted Swear word) show has been and gone.

to tide & gang, this situation has been weighted against many of us including yourselves & I appreciate you only ever had the best intentions. Some stuff just doesn’t always go to plan. That’s life. That’s business.

Cheers all


I also got sorted with Conister. Money landed on the 24/09/2020. Its really been a hell of a journey to finally get there. Hope everyone else gets sorted.