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I have 2 online transactions on my account that were both unauthorised by the third party site’s payment gateway. After 2 processing errors I paid using a credit card. However both failed attempts at payment have been processed thu my tide account. I have messaged 6 times today and as yet have not had a reply.

If this is the standard of customer service over what could well be fraudulent transactions, I will be closing my account down and transfering across to a more reputable bank.

It’s just very poor… not good enough!!

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    May '20
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    May '20
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I share your experience, I reported fraudulent transactions this morning and a loss of money, at 8:30am this morning (UK).
There are fraudulent transactions still being attempted and still no response from Tide after 12.5 hours.
This is not what you expect as a customer.

Tide has worked well since I opened an account but haven’t had to use customer service / support.
In an event as serious as theft I expect them to be on the ball.
12.5 hours later, the thieves are still trying.

Hello, I can see that my colleague Obi has assisted you with this and have passed it to our disputes team. They will be in touch shortly, in order to assist you in returning the funds.

Hi Yani, 29 hours without any contact from when the theft was first reported.

Hello, I can see that the relevant team has been in touch, in order to assist further, however, they have not gotten a reply from you. Could you please follow up with them, so they can complete the process? Thank you.