No account access


I am typing in my correct security number, but the site either says loading which it doesn’t or the box just spins continually. Tried emailing Tide but it gets returned by mailer daemon cannot message through the app as I cannot access as mentioned above. Meanwhile all my company payments are in it anybody got an answer please.


Hi @chike, extremely sorry to hear this. Could you please confirm whether you are emailing Our Help team are on hand to assist. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble getting in touch, I have direct messaged you to work through your current problem.

Hopefully we can resolve this soon!


Hi, the same thing is happening to me, I sent a direct message via twitter and emailed Tide, but no response…


Hi @AJM, sorry to hear this. I believe a member of the Help team will be in touch with you immediately to resolve this. However, should you experience further problems, please do reach out. Thanks!


Has your problem been sorted out yet, mine has’nt. I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago which took the best part of a week to resolve. I can’t run my business like this.


Yes, I deleted the app, downloaded it again and went through the account recovery procedure, took about 15 minutes - it now works fine


Thanks Andrew, I’ll try the same as I’ve been waiting a few hours for a reply.


Hi @chike, sorry to hear this. Could you confirm your company name and first name via DM? I can then look into this for you.


Would you be able to delete and re-install the app and go through the account recovery process to regain access to your account.

As a security measure, to regain access to your account after deleting and reinstalling the app or downloading the app on a new phone, you will need to go through the Account Recovery process.

Click ‘Login’ on the landing page and make sure you use your ID and the exact same email address as initially used when setting up your account.

The full guide, with step by step instructions and visuals, can always be found on our Tide Community page: Accessing your account on another phone


Thanks will try the same tonight.


Hi Chike,

Hope everything is working well now :slight_smile:
Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you experience further issues!