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I have been unable to use my account this week and I’ve had no response from my many messages on the app or by email. It is hard enough in this present climate to function as a business but when all your funds are “frozen” it becomes impossible. The lack of response is mind blowing!

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Hi Tide i have been trying to gain access to my account Taleniq Ltd after i changed to a new phone for over 2.5 months with very little help from anybody at Tide except automated responses which do not get my account reloaded…I must have gone through the reset up my account 20 times on my new phone and i get all the way to the end and it says we cannot open this account ‘Taleniq Ltd’ this is incredibly inconvenient/frustrating and unprofessional …My next stop is the financial ombudsman as I cant see how this customer service is acceptabe in this day and age despite whats going on in the world …if i dealt with my customers this way i wouldnt have a business…but i guess i dont anyway as i cant access my bank account …

Thank you for reaching out @Kevinclassic

Could I ask you for the company or trading name for your account with us? That way I’ll be able to look into the details and assist you.

@puffin I’ve just replied to your email, please don’t hesitate to get back to me there if you need any kind of assistance with account recovery, I’d be happy to help. I completely understand that this is an extreme length of time for you to be without access and will do my best to resolve it.


Thank you for letting me know @Kevinclassic

I and the team have responded to you regarding this quite recently.

Please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need anything further, I’d be happy to help.


Hi there @Obi_at_Tide
I too can not access my account for VITSOL Media. The app does not load anything anymore, so therefore I cannot access my accounts through web browser either.
I have emailed the Tide email twice, but had no replies or calls.
I really need this to be sorted immediately so I can run my business and maybe find a better, more accessible company to bank with.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Thank you for reaching out @TiffanyVITSOLMedia

I believe the issue that’s preventing your access is that you’re using a different email from the one associated with your account. I’ll respond to your message to us shortly, please don’t hesitate to get back to me there.