New User - Security Lock


Hi there,

I am attempting to open an account with you - I filled out the forms online and downloaded the app. However, it is immediately given me a Security Lock with the message “For security reasons the Tide app is unable to run on this device.” I have a fairly new iPhone with an up to date operating system. Any suggestions?


Hi there,

Thank you so much for drawing this to our attention!

The app has security restrictions that would prevent it from running on devices that have possible malware installed or if the device is ,jail-broken". I would suggest you use another device or re-install the OS of your phone.

If it has been jail-broken, there is no workaround, I’m afraid.

I hope you find this helpful and should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at - our team will be more than glad to help! :blush:


I’m getting the same thing: there’s a note on the top of the screen that simply reads “Security Lock” and the same message appears. The phone is almost new and has not been ‘jail broken’, whatever that means. Can you help?


Hey @Tony1

Jailbreaking a device usually refers to removing restrictions on its software that would otherwise prevent access to certain files, downloading and installing apps or themes that aren’t supported, generally referring to ones running on iOS.

Otherwise, certain apps and other files may be flagged as malware, though it’s unlikely we’d be able to point out a specific one. Resetting the device to factory settings should sort this out, but I’d recommend you reach out to so the team can help you out!