New feature alert: use Xero with Tide


:warning: UPDATE - check out our brand new Xero integration here:

We are very excited to announce that Tide will be partnering with Xero to give our members access to the best tools for managing their business.

###Why Xero?

At Tide, our Founder Members are at the heart of what we do, so early on, we did some research to find out how you were managing various aspects of your business, including your accountancy.

“We were overwhelmed to see that over half our early adopters are using Xero as their accounting software. It’s a great opportunity for us to join forces with such a smart tool that is committed to empowering the small business community, just like Tide.”

-George Bevis, Tide’s Founder and CEO

###What will the integration allow me to do?

Our Xero integration will be introduced over two phases:

Phase one: You will be able to link your Tide accounts to Xero, as well as create new “bank” accounts in Xero. Tide will then automatically push all transactions into Xero on a daily basis.

Phase two: Shortly after, we will release Phase two, which will introduce the additional benefit of mapping categories from Tide to Xero. Syncing transaction categories has never been so easy! This phase will also automatically export all transaction attachments, such as receipts and invoices from Tide to Xero. As a result, Tide will automatically keep your Xero account reconciled.


This is more than just an integration, it’s a partnership. Tide and Xero will be working hand-in-hand to create the best possible user experience, not only for Tide’s members, but also Xero’s users.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Tide. Like Xero, it has a mission to arm small business owners with the tools they need to simplify their financial management and invest their time in what matters; building their business.”

-Gary Turner, Xero’s UK Co-Founder and Managing Director

This is the first of many integrations on Tide’s roadmap, which will enable our members to make use of the industry’s best FinTech tools. Tide will soon integrate with other accounting software providers to bring seamless accounting to our members.

###We want to hear your feedback!

We’ve launched Tide Preview to grant early access to our newest features to a small group of Members. Sign up to test our Xero integration before it is launched by emailing with your company email address. More information about Tide Preview can be found here.

###About Xero

Xero is beautiful, easy­-to-­use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. The company has 862,000 subscribers in more than 180 countries. Xero seamlessly integrates with more than 500 apps, and was ranked No. 1 by Forbes as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015.


This is great news indeed! The App we are building will also work with Xero on platform. Will publish more when we have the beta available.


Hi! Are there any plans to enable Wave to be linked with Tide?


Just for the record, I believe Xero now has over 1 million subscribers. Great milestone.


Great news - when will this be happening?


Hi Ian, while our Xero integration is not yet available to all members, you can gain early access as Beta Testers, by joining Tide Preview. You can learn more about Tide Preview here.


I’d really be interested to know if WAVE will be integrated too!


When will this be happening. I currently use Xero and my businness bank account is already linked and feeding automatically. I am in the process of switching accounts to Tide and want to have that same seemless connectivity.


hi @debraanderson, after our initial release, we have taken the feedback and now Xero is being re-tested with our Product Development Team. We, therefore, don’t have an official date for the release. In the meantime, would you be interested in signing up to the preview?


What would the preview entail?


And when you say you don’t have an official date, does that mean it won’t be happening soon? Can we round it down to this year?


@debraanderson, getting access to the Tide preview means you test the features before they are made publicly available. We find out what works, what doesn’t and what we can do to enhance your Tide experience. The aim is to roll out this feature this year!


Is this currently available on preview? Would love to give it a try


Hi please can you add us to preview, we use Xero company GRANT Structures Ltd


Hi @edgehillinteriors, we’d love to have you test the product. Could you please reach out via with your email address and the type of device you are using. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @GSL, great to have your interest in the Preview. Could you possibly reach out via with the following details: email address & type of device. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


i would really like to use xero with my tide account how is it possible? floriography london


Hi @floristjamie, great to have your interest. At the moment Xero is undergoing testing. Would you like to join the preview? This would mean testing Xero with your account. If so, please could you reach out via with your email address and details of the device that you are using? Thanks :slight_smile:


i have but will resend with my device details.


@floristjamie great, thanks for doing so! The Product team will then be in touch when the Preview is available.