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I already have a tide account which was opened over a year ago, I am director of another company and so thought as I have been so pleased with your service would open an account for this company with you.

I was unaware of the current delays and have left thingts to the last minute thinkinhg the account would be set up quickly as before.

I have contacted you via the in app chat and did get a response for Anthony late last night. I replied almost straqight away but have heard nothing more.

I would be most grateful if someione could expedite this for me pklease.

Many thanks.

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    Jul '20
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    Jul '20
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Go to someone else. Tide are not a proper bank and somewhere in the future it will come back to bite you.
High Street names have criterias and rules to follow. Tide just do as they please.

Hi there @gls10000

I’m very happy to hear that you’ve decided to open another account with us! Could I ask you for the name of the new company so that I can look into this for you?

Thank you in advance!