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Hello, surely this isnt right. I applied for an account over a week ago and i try to login to the app, i type my security code in, then it says “verifying your details”


In certain cases we may need up to 48 hours to run more checks…

Now its been over a week, what checks are you carrying out?!

We dont want a bounce back loan, we have a new ltd company and simply need an account to start banking! Tide shouldnt be advertising they are opening new business accounts all over the place if they wont reply to emails, and simply wont stick to the timescales shown! Not a great start at all, maybe i’m dodging a bullet here? Who knows! Be nice to actually speak to someone about this, maybe on the phone? Oh hang on…

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    Nov '20
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    Nov '20
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Hi there @MidlandHandR

Thank you for letting us know about this, I’d be happy to look into it and see how your application’s progressed and what’s held it up in this way.

Could I ask you to let me know the name of your business so I can look into it further?