New account stuck on registration chat window?



I signed up for an account, completed ID etc and answered a few questions on a message on a chat window.

A day later I received a reply confirming the application was accepted and that the new account would be active when I logged back in. This was over a week ago; I have tried numerous times to login and it takes me every time back to the chat window?

I have left another message on that chat window and no reply?

I am very disappointed with the service thus far! Had I known I would have this difficultly and the very complicated non-costumer friendly options to receive help - I don’t think I would have bothered with Tide. I could have a high street business bank account by now. Instead I am still two steps behind and waiting?

I am a start-up business and this has held me back from launching… time is money and I am losing money because of this situation.


Tide have just connected me and informed it is now resolved.