New account block or pause (how to prevent)



I have been looking at the community forums and can see you guys block or pause a lot of new accounts that receive payments. I am concerned as my account is new and I will be receiving payments from Just Eat on a weekly basis. Could you please tell me just now if you require any more information before I ask Just Eat and card services to start depositing money in to my new tide account. I can’t have any holds on funds as I need access to this money to pay bills and suppliers. Please let me know what is required in order to keep my tide account running smoothly without any holds or pause on the account especially when I receive payments from Just Eat?

It is important somebody comes back to me as I have already put this in chat on app but have heard no response for you guys.



Thanks for reaching out about this, @momo2k99

I’ve just replied to your messages in the app, please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions there, I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!



Been waiting for a reply to messages its 3rd day my account is paused no replies or reasons as yet. Wages were scheduled to go out on 30th june staff still waiting appalling service from tide would not recommend to anyone.
Least you can do is reply and address our concerns after all its our money your holding.
Company is wibsey spice bfd ltd.
Appreciate a reply


My first payment has been blocked since this morning and I have not heard anything. Please contact me ASAP as I have to pay a new client that is waiting on this…


Hi there @Wibseyspice

Thank you for letting us know about this - I’ve just replied to your messages in the app and will look into this for you with the team.

@Richardvw I can see that my colleagues have already reached out regarding this as well, please have a look at your emails and get back to them when you’re able!



I have replied to your colleaugue and there has been no response. This type of treatment is having a detramental effect of peoples mental health and its the last thing we need in times like these.


I completely understand, Richard.

I believe the team have just responded to you, please have a look and let me or my colleagues know in the app if you need anything further.



Thanks for responding but no solution to resolve the issues as mentioned on various threads by customers any account which tide pauses should be given priority to get it up and running again. With my situation wages which have been scheduled to go out on 30th of every month were stopped which should not be the case. Specially during these difficult times for staff.




Today is the 5th day still account is paused businesses who get paid via just eat etc… like myself payment is sent back to them really is not good for as it stops us funcationing no money for stock and wages. Tide like other banks should and can sort it out within 48 hours like other banks.


Thank you for getting back to me on this @Wibseyspice

I do understand that this can be disruptive. We’ll look into resolving this as quickly as we possibly can. The team will contact you via the app when they’re able to update you on the matter.



So sad to here all these bad vibes happening on this forum. I csn imagine how you feel to have your money blocked from reaching your account. For my company, i have not had any issues regarding moneies in and out. And i hope it will never happen to my company. If it does, you all will hear about it. I’m very very serious about it.
Tide, it appears there are only few people working for you. Hence you guys are gaving bad time doing this huge work. All the best for everyone.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @Megmay

We absolutely try to keep anything disruptive to the absolute minimum. There are regulations that we need to follow, but we put our members’ interests first.

While I’m doing my best to respond here and address anything outstanding, I assure you that I’m not a one-man team!



All was ok been with Tide since jan last year but due to covid most customers paying online so last few months alot more money than usual going in could be reason account is paused meaning frozen really, but this can and should be sorted out within 24hrs max 48hrs really as with other banks. Now still waiting to get to my money to pay staff from last week which does not help. Had to borrow money to keep going not good given them till end of today or else closing account.


Hi there @Wibseyspice

Thank you again for being patient with us thus far. I had reached out in the app to let you know that the matter was resolved earlier, but please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any other questions.

I’d be happy to help!




I can confirm my account is up and running again. Its been just over a week but the stress caused is something which tide has failed to address.
There was no questions asked or any mention of reason if closure or compensation for inconveniance and stress caused by the denial of access to my cleared funds.
Tide does have a good app but cutomer service is a issue a pausing accounts is another.


I’m glad to hear that this has been resolved.

We do try to keep this process as unintrusive as possible, but our obligations to UK regulations do require that we place a pause on accounts occasionally for checks.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything!



Hi. My company name is Zayd Garments limited. My tide account number was 14598830 and sort code was 040605. My account been paused on 19th October and tide has decided to close my account on 2nd November and asked me to provide my nominated bank account details and one month bank statement and I have provided everything. I have received message from ryan on 13th November saying my £30660 been returned back to my nominated account and rest £3945 been returned to monzo bank account for legal banking recall. I still not recieve £30660 and I asked my bank. I will include my bank reply on this email. I have 2 questions, why I still not received my money and second question why £3945 sent back to Monzo. This is reply from my bank.

Hi Sohaib, you are talking to Louise. Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately we don’t have notice of funds being sent to your account.

Provided you are sure they have the correct sort code and account number once we receive any funds they will show up on your account instantly.

Kindly transfer my money into my account as promised.



Hi there, Sohaib.

Than you for reaching out about this - I won’t be able to provide you with any specific information about the transfers here on the community forums, but I have reached out to the responsible team so we can have this sorted out as soon as possible for you.