Never Bounce Back?



Why are small businesses not getting the basics of customer service and support that Tide proclaims?

I have been on the waiting list since March and nothing whatsoever other than a generic letter to email from the founder keeping me in the loop.

A loop that has seen my business exposure fall 80% due to waiting for nothing. They should have informed me then and I could have switched accounts with a more trustworthy bank but their pride now has my dream looking like a passing thought. Extremely upsetting to say the least.

I am being profited from and nor for by my own bank. Had they had been clear I would not now be in a financial limbo for the last 7 months while other businesses with the correct support are thriving. I have several friends 2 of which are tide customers and all have received support apart from me.

In fact I have had no response or support since March 17 when I was told I was on the waiting list prior to darkness.

3.4 on TRUST pilot, hmmmm??


The only virtue I can see out of this painstaking patience is compensatory. A waiting list implies acceptance!


Just to think that whilst Tide was awaiting approval for the ability to provide BBLs I wrote a detailed and lengthy letter to Ruth Cadbury my local MP. Coincidently 2 days later they were approved. Possibly pure coincidence but I have written an additional email this morning to to Ruth outlying my now unchanged circumstances and proof of support no good for service.


I am a LTD Company of which you apparently in writing have helped? No other lender will allow my applications coz I have one pending and also am not an existing customer.