Need help opening an account


I’ve gone through the registration process on 2 phones and neither has worked I got as far as receiving a “great news…” message but then nothing happened fir a couple of days so I deleted the app from that phone, also YOU HAVE THE WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS. all my emails should go to Can this be sorted???


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble @sav,
Deleting and re-installing the app during the application process can cause delays to the application being completed, as you will no longer see messages from our On-Boarding Team.
I am just looking in to this for you now, and will be in touch shortly via email to assist you with your application :slight_smile:


Hi i have tried to set up a tide account on Wednesday 27th June 2018 when i log into the app its a frozen screen saying we are carrying out some additional checks which may take up to 48 hours still waiting for a response.

Can you look into my account and tell me what is going on thanks.


I think you have a big issue with the accounts and ids that are recorded with one phone.
If the app is erased you cannot get back again.
Currently, one of your colleagues is not able to make a new account on one of my comps.


Sorry you’re having trouble @louis1980,

Our On-boarding team were in touch via the app to ask a few questions about your application, I’ve let them know you’re unable to see our messages - they’ll be in touch by email soon to get this resolved for you :slight_smile:


Hi @chris123, sorry to hear that.

If you’re having trouble scanning your ID and completing your application, could you please email so our Help team can look in to this for you?

If you’ve deleted the app you can follow instructions here to regain access to an active account.