My thoughts so far


So I’ve been using the Tide banking App for about two months now. The setting-up process takes minutes (as it clearly states in its marketing literature), however, its the onboarding process - the KYC checks - that took a long time.

What I didn’t find helpful was that I was asked a number of questions - which I answered - then I was asked another set of questions. I don’t really have time to “go around the houses” so I think what would be helpful is if you were to asked EVERYTHING you want to know about me and my business in one go - it would save us both valuable time.


once my account was finally approved, it’s been a breeze to use. No issues or concerns and they’ve really done their market research in terms of knowing exactly what small business owners want from their banking.

So with that in mind, until by business outgrows Tide, I look forward to many years of doing business together.


Hi @thecody1000,

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We are sorry that the on-boarding checks took longer than you anticipated. We’ve written some guidance here on how the KYC checks work and why we need do them: We’ll definitely bear your comments in mind regarding the way we ask these questions.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Tide community! We’re really glad that your enjoying your Tide experience so far. If you need us for anything just get in touch via the in-app chat and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:


I’m not disputing why you need to carry out KYC checks, I work in financial services myself so I appreciate why you need to do them. I’m saying when you advertise that we can open an account in minutes there should be a caveat saying that you may need to additional checks for AML purposes. That’s all. But I’ll read your guidance so I can better prepare myself in the event that I’d like to open an additional account.

Enjoy your evening.


Thanks again for your feedback. We’re adding a caveat where we can to our ads which confirms that account set up times may vary, as we want to be as transparent as possible for our members.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday.