My Patience With Tide Has Just Gone!


Than you for getting back to me @pappadontpreach

In the event that the steps we took on July 13th as my colleague advised were insufficient with any other lender, we do want to prepare a letter that will ensure that your joining our waiting list will not affect your ability to approach them.

I appreciate that this has not been prepared as quickly as we would like as well. Once it is, however, we’ll readily provide it to any members who need our assistance in this way.



One of the concerns I have with your statement is:

Once we’re ready … this rings very large alarm bells to someone who sat patiently from May to July, being told the waiting list app is nearly ready, it’s nearly ready, it will be delivered soon etc etc etc

can you understand why I’m not convinced by what you’re telling me Obi? And my fear is we I could be waiting until december before i see this legal document you proclaim to be producing


I do completely understand your skepticism, I can assure you that you will not have to wait so long.



So not one executive at Tide, thought hmmmm okay - we’re gonna have to pause the lending - what’s the impact? What do we need to have prepared to support the customers?

So it would seem since you stopped lending - i’m the only customer to request this document - putting that aside - Tide have had plenty of time to prepare said document but have chosen to sit on their arses and do nothing … the point i raised in an earlier e-mail about dealing with things only when they slap you in the face … this is piss poor planning


for once Obi - you’ve made me laugh … so i thank you for that… you’d make a great politician


and now you’re removing my posted threads - truth hurts eh Obi


I would absolutely give you a more specific timescale if I could, @pappadontpreach

As soon as the letter is completed, we’ll be providing it directly to you and any other members that have contacted us with an issue similar to yours.



de ja vu - i’m getting serious flashbacks to May, June & July … for a moment there I thought you were talking about the waiting list app


@Obi_at_Tide you can surely understand people’s frustrations on this…

Many customers having lobbied to get tide accredited, lobbied to mp’s, joined a “waiting list” and have been waiting for over 3 months only to be told what can only be seen as lies.

@pappadontpreach has been one of the more understanding customers through this, no complaints and if anything trying calm people down & now, after being dragged though the mill for 3 months, for a loan for his business, on a waitlist that should not effect his eligibility elsewhere, clearly does effect his eligibility elsewhere , is told to wait indefinitely for a letter to give to the banks as he joined a wait list that shouldn’t effect his eligibility, for a problem Tide has known about for over 10 days ???

Is tide operating on the same planet as the rest of us ? Oliver (talking to myself) are you that far removed from reality that you can’t see this as the most pressing problem ???

Although perhaps not tides fault they have been unable to secure bbl funds their handling of this situation, even now, has been adismal, customer service should be the biggest factor for any company proclaiming to be a bank, yet, tides customer service shuts down on a Friday until Monday, you could have to wait 5 days (midweek) for a reply & to top it off to get off the list that tide has clearly lied about you need endless patience in a company that continues to fail.

10 days @Obi_at_Tide & you still don’t have a letter (it’s only a letter) drawn up for customers like @pappadontpreach to give to their potential lenders… For a mistake of Tides… you should be bending over backwards, 10 days is taking the piss out of people, on a list that shouldn’t have effected their ability to apply elsewhere, but does and tide treats them with contempt while their livelihoods are on the line.

And your social media accounts pump out advertisements trying to lure in new customers… how about focus 110% on not losing all the ones you have which I’d say currently is looking almost certain.


Thank you both for sharing your thoughts.

I can absolutely appreciate both your patience and your understanding with us thus far and I’d like to apologise on our behalf for the preparation of our confirmation having taken as long as it has.

@pappadontpreach I’ve just sent you a message through your existing thread with us in the in-app chat with the letter that you’ve requested, as a letterheaded PDF.

If you need any kind of assistance, both with this or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get back to me there.



Obi - received with many thanks.

I now know how Charlie felt when i found the golden wonker ticket.


Glad you got sorted pappadontpreach and hopefully your loan is now forthcoming. Heres a thought Tide, why not proactively provide the said letter to all businesses possibly affected without all of us needing to go through this palaver should the need arise?
Any chance?


Obi_at_Tide, sometimes i feel so sympathetic for you because you are at the receiving point while the CEO is at his beddroom sleeping, while you are covering his acts. This Tide’s lies is making me go crazy. Why can’t you all stop covering up and stop playing with people’s feelings. This is our lively business here. You guys must stop all these games and come up with straight answers. I know its even too late for us to start opening acct somewhere else. Pls don’t deceive us any longer. Enough is enough.


Thanka John

Its been a very stressful work thus far and could have done without this unnecessary hassle .i think I’ve developed a new bald patch due to the stress .I’ve finally manage to unwind a little and hope , pray tomorrow brings good news. I really hope i get a decision before the weekend as I really can’t face another lengthy wait for a decision. If banks followed the BBB rules to the letter , instead of making their own criteria , we would have some sense of fair treatmemt and certainty , but as it stands we’re playing a game of short stick. I’ll let you know how i get on and hope everyone manages to get sorted.


I’m glad that I was able to help sort this out for you @pappadontpreach

@Johnspud77 My colleagues had taken broader steps to confirm the status of our lending through the existing tools, though it seems that there are a few exceptional cases where our confirmation in this way is still needed by other lenders.

As they cannot contact us to ask for confirmation, we’ll focus on seeing these letters provided to all members that contact us in a similar situation.


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