My business name should be printed on the card


You are offering and even incentivising opening of multiple business accounts. Yet the cards do not carry the business name - so I have three cards which look identical and I need to faff around with my phone each time I use them to identify which relates to which company. This is clearly ridiculous.

I have had to resort to writing the company name on the card with a sharpie. Completely low rent and daft. This has been raised for TWO YEARS can you please sort it out.


Hi @jackhorner,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I completely understand that this is not convenient. Including business names on our card is a design challenge (different length of names, space on the card, etc) but I have passed on your feedback to the relevant team.

We share all our updates and new features on the blog and here so keep an eye out.



I feel your pain, what i did was put different coloured small round sticker son teh front of mine so i could tell them apart