My app isn’t working


Hi I can’t access my account through app it’s saying it’s going to take a couple of hours to do checks this is very annoying as I need to transfer what is actually happening I’ve opened a ticket deleted the app reinstalled it a few times nobody has replied to my open ticket on app also I’ve sent several emails with not one being replied to in my opinion tide are a joke business account communications between your customers is terrible


Hi there @Richard1983

Thank you for reaching out about this, I can see that the team have been in touch and will do their best to assist in restoring your access.

Please try to keep your communication with them in one spot so there aren’t any delays in that regard - and let them assist you with the final steps of account recovery. I understand that you’ve reinstalled the app multiple times and doing so does require the process to be restarted.

If you hit a snag with the process again, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to get everything back on track.



Hi I’m still not able to access my account I’ve deleted app several times what should I do now as it’s highly important I access my account and make a transfer today



Of course, I’ll have a look into this with the team - we’ll do our best to restore your access as soon as possible.