Multiple Current Accounts/Invoice Templates


Hi, very excited to have found this app and am very much enjoying the simplicity of the signup process and the interface. I just have one question about how best to use the service for my situation.

Legally, I am a Sole Trader but operate under a few different names for different parts of my business. The multiple current accounts feature is ideal, but I would also like to be able to invoice under the separate business names, and therefore have separate invoice templates which point to the separate accounts, but this doesn’t seem to be a feature. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of multiple accounts, or is this feature not available yet?



Tide currently gives you the ability to create customised invoice templates, letting you specify the company name, contact details and company logo. If you’re looking to send invoices with different business names (albeit with the same bank details) this feature may be what you need.

In the future, Tide will support multiple companies – a more powerful feature that will allow you to switch between different companies each with their own account details and customisable invoice templates.

I hope this helps - and welcome to Tide!


Thanks for the reply. So essentially right now I can customise the template for the first of my current accounts, but not for the second.

What is the idea behind the multiple current accounts at the moment if not for multiple companies (albeit under one user)?


That’s correct - you can only create one invoice template per company.

Multiple current accounts are designed to allow single companies to have separation between different functions. For instance, some of our members have auxiliary accounts for marketing, expenses, tax etc. as well as their main account for day-to-day spend.


I use a separate account for putting aside taxes for example


Hi when will this be available ?


Hi @myintolerancetest,

Supporting multiple companies is a high priority on our roadmap, and something that’s currently in active development. We hope to release this later in 2017.


Hi @Ali_at_Tide. Is the multiple company feature still in the pipeline?


Hi @Br_uno, our multi-company feature is still on our roadmap, but I’m afraid is unlikely to be delivered until 2019. In the meantime, we limit the number of companies for which you can have Tide accounts to one per device.


Hi Ali,

On this note, if I made a second account on a different device now, would I be able to combine these when the multiple companies feature becomes available?


Any update on this feature?

I signed up for a tide account for my new business, I liked it that much I added a second for my existing business which is with starling, but as others have already said I can only send invoices from the main account which has a different company name


Hi @Jaxo

You can now link up to five businesses to the same Tide app, switching between them in seconds if you’re on iOS!

You can learn how to do this here.

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: