Money still on hold even after showing proof!



It is very disappointing, for the past 2 or 3 weeks or maybe even longer. i have had my money in my account froze due to a payment i had from HMRC as i was a nominee to recieve the payment. I had bewn asked to show proof for my recwnt transactions and where the money had came from. Once i had given proof I waited and waited and got nothing. I emailed the support team and also on the app amd all i got was " we are still looking at this case". What is the need to look at the case when i have shown my proof? Just how quickly you asked me to show proof of my payments and transactions, you should quickly sort my account out. Its only fair. It has been a very very hard time for me as i have kids to feed and bills to pay. All my money in the account is basically useless right now. I want someone to get back to me and give me a real reason as to what is happening and a specific reason too aswell as giving me a date or rough estimate as to when my account should be fixed. This isnt right!


Thank you for reaching out about this, Yahya.

Regulations do require that we perform checks on the accounts and transactions of our members on occasion, to ensure their security. The responsible team will be able to advise better if you have any questions, please let them know if something is unclear.



I have been in contact mny times but still have not recieved any reply which is why i posted on here and on email


I have had a transfer from a U.K. account made to my Tide account and in 24 hours the funds still have not reflected - or anyone from customer support respond to my message!

I really don’t understand how a regulated bank can be so borderline fraudulent and dishonest with their hard working customers!

I have emailed directly, used support etc still nothing. can someone please come back to me and let me know where my money is resolving this matter!!


Tide says 6hour response. After 30 hours still nothing!!! I am missing thousands of pounds!!!


Hello @Dade,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear about this situation.

Rest assured that it is not possible for your funds to go lost/missing. We can see that your case is currently treated with the highest priority and is looked into by our dedicated team. You will receive an update as soon as possible.

Let us know if anything else comes up.