Money pot similar to Starling's Goals feature


The starling app allows you to move money to a side pot within the account to allow you to save up for ‘Goals’, in the Tide app it would be great if you could have a similar feature for say VAT, that will take 20% off an invoice payment and put it into a pot to pay the bill later.
If the user could set up rules around the category of payment, say invoices, to move a percentage for Corp Tax, Dividends etc, this would be extremely useful.


Hi @timneya, we’re always looking for feedback as this helps shape Tide, so thank you for sharing. I have passed on your suggestion to our Product Development team, who deal specifically with feature requests!


Hi @Viktoria_at_Tide - has there been any further discussion on this?

I use the Monzo equivalent quite a lot, and it would be ideal to have the capacity to set up pots, not only for putting aside tax payments, but also for setting up annual pots for trivial benefit, office party, etc.

Even without automated rules, it’d be a real boon to be able to transfer into them.


Hi @Furyd,

Registered businesses can create up to 4 current accounts per company through the app, each of which will have its own unique Account Number. These would be similar to “a pot without automated rules” as you suggested.

You can use these accounts for a specific expense, such as Marketing costs, or to save for your tax obligations and keeping VAT separate as many of our members do.