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A customer transferred payment into my account Monday around 4pm - Its still not showing in my account. I’m now concerned for other payments. How can I resolve this issue as no one is replying?

Same problem but now I cannot Access my account. No response from the help team, no immediate response to my queries. I shall be looking to close the account when resolved. No attempt to my mind at rest. I’m losing a day’s work here with worry and apparently these people do not care. Two hours have passed since I tried to re-establish the App on the phone, the two hours they said they needed to make security checks. Poor service. I shall be making an official complaint

Same thing for me. Payment was made on November 25th. Nothing but a holding line back from Tide. I’m no worried for many other payments due. Just what we all need when trying to close this year out!

So awful. Can’t believe a bank can be so unreliable. It definitely needs addressing by a higher authority

I’m getting notifications to say they have messaged me but when I go to the open the messages I can’t access them!! :woman_facepalming:t2: Infuriating

Hi there @Quartz1

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve faced any kind of difficulty with receiving your funds, I’m glad that the team have been able to respond to the threads you’ve opened with us already.

If you’re having any difficulties with seeing our team’s messages, you can always log into Tide on Web, which you can do directly from the app by going to More -> Log in on my computer.

I hope this helps, if you need any kind of assistance with connecting to the team, please let me know.