Moderators disappearing


I’m sorry but what are the moderators doing.

Lots of questions today and again they disappear with answering any of them.

Where is Valentine?

You guys know the mess we are in and say your doing everything to help us but where are you?

Where is the advice for us customers who are in serious trouble?


It looks like Valentine has done a runner.

Where are the moderators?

How do we get help from Tide?

Do they care?


Hi there @Andyp1966

We will do everything we can to address questions as we’re able, given that a lot of what is being asked is not within our expertise, we may not be able to address it properly here, at least not immediately.

Always, the best way to get assistance from us is through the Support tab in the app, where the Member Support team can properly bring it to the attention of our colleagues to can provide more detailed information.


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