Mobile Phone Contracts


I really like Tide but I’m having problems with o2 getting a contact for my business phone and I’ve read similar with other operators. Before I leave Tide has anyone had any luck with getting a mobile phone contract?


Thanks for letting us know about this, @Stuart22

Could I ask you to let me know a bit more about what kind of issue you’re encountering with setting up this contract? If we have a solution, I’d be happy to look into it for you.



Hi they have said that they don’t recognise tide as a bank so I can’t get a contract.


Thank you for clarifying @Stuart22

It’s true that we’re not a bank, and currently I’m not sure if we’ve encountered this situation and whether there is a way that we can assist with or circumvent this issue.

I’ll let our Member Support team know about this as I can’t see any messages from you to them in the app so far, but I’d recommend that you send them a message with the full details regarding the provider and their feedback, that would best enable them to look into it.