Mobile app availability


Tide app doesn’t seem available in other parts of the world except UK. I’m from Asia - Sri Lanka and tried to download the app through app store and play store and failed. As Tide’s oAuth is deeply linked with the app , i had to rely on my colleague’s phone who is in UK. It was ok for shorter period but hard to continue for long time.
Also we have identified few issues with API functions

  1. Transactions are not searchable
  2. There are no ways to filter the transactions
  3. Can’t search through the API
  4. Merchent name has other strings attached.

can somebody from Tide community tell us more about the API functions and the availability?


Hi @cherankrish,

I can confirm that the public API currently offers limited functionality, and while we do have plans to extend this I cannot currently give you an expected date that these features will be rolled out.

If you have any specific questions to ask, please do and I’ll answer what I can.



Tide’s API is currently read only and still in evolutionary process. However I have built a system app on it, no matter how trivial it is. AFAIK, there’s no other bank with API access to business accounts. So kudos to @matt for the work the team has done so far.

If you check the available balance and keep its state somewhere (preferably in an embedded database, e.g. BarkeleyDB, SQLite, etc), you can easily establish a makeshift filter by using abstraction. As matter of fact, that’s exactly what I am doing in the Tide client library, I wrote.


@0xjd Cheran is part of my team. At we do not store any data. So what you suggested goes against our reason for existence. By the way, the App is ready to trial if you like to give it a shot. Happy to give you a call or setup a demo. My availability


@UnifiedVU Not storing data? Then how are you storing access tokens? Or do the users have to grant OAuth access every time they login?

Even if you are not storing data, you can use temporary session state (either from server side or client-side IndexDB to temporarily store available balance and last seen transaction ID (they only increment and don’t decrement) to implement rudiment filtering.

Please note that I may not be your potential client because I just use one app from your app store. I was just willing to help you test the Tide integration because I have worked with the API. If you would like that do feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


Yes we store credentials encrypted but that’s all. At this stage, we just like few people to try the App so we know it works. We have not spend much time to get it to work with other Apps as the API is so basic at this stage. Will PM you.


Hi Matt,
Thanks, how can we install Tide app from Asia/Sri Lanka? If it is not available in app store /play store , can you send us an apk file for an android device?


Matt, for Tide App to listen and respond to other Apps on UnifiedVU Platform, it would be really helpful if the merchant name is split from other strings.


@cherankrish As far as I know, you likely cannot because of these reasons

  • The Play Store is limited to your locality
  • Tide doesn’t distribute direct apks
  • The app is itself geo-restricted.
  • On startup, all functionality loads after some sort of lengthy key-exchange
  • Currently, the app is designed for single user. For multi-device, you have to have a physical address (this verification process is soon to be replaced) and be a director/owner of the company (this may change too in the future, when multi-user access is announced; but not sure)!


Hi all,

@UnifiedVU we have had various discussions around re-formatting the data returned in the API, but currently we aren’t able to make this change without consideration of existing users, as it would be a potentially breaking change. A solution for you would be to manipulate the data on the fly, and then you get everything you need (and more!).

@cherankrish currently we’re limited to only the UK, the reason being that you need a validated UK address in order to open an account. This will be changing soon, watch this space!

@0xjd is correct on most points, as usual! Full multi-user will be coming later this year, hopefully including various additions to the functionality we offer through the public API.



Matt, exactly why is the app georestricted, given the fact that Tide does accept non-resident clients (as long as their limited company is registered with Companies House)? In fact it’s a dangerous measure, as it may encourage users to download the APK from sites of unknown reliability, possibly opening security holes. Please just allow everybody in the world to download the official copy from Play Store!