Missing Transfer - Thousands of pounds and proof of payment




This is urgent. A payment was made to our account earlier today (cash transfer), but nothing as hit the account many hours later.

We have been provided with proof, which we shared on the in app help. In the app, the support person decided to disappear over two hours ago and isn’t replying.

This is horrific and incredibly stressful for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman! PLEASE can someone get back to me ASAP and can in app help/support stop ignoring.

Thank you.


Hi Steph,

Here at Tide, we make missing payments our main priority and we apologise that this has not been sorted for you sooner.

Our Member Support team are here to deliver unparalleled customer service for our members so we’re disappointed this was not the case for you.

I can see that an agent has responded to you this morning regarding this issue. If you do any other questions or queries, do get back in touch with the agent or email us on hello@tide.co