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Just wanted to share my experience of applying for a BBL from Metro Bank and hopefully give some hope.

Like most on this forum, I have been registered on the Tide BBL waiting list for two months when they decided to suspend the process.

So I looked at options and noticed that Metro Bank were still allowing accounts to be opened, so decided to give them ago.

Contacted them Friday 10th July with regards to opening an account. They got back to that day and I completed an initial inquiry form and sent it back.

Metro contact me Monday 13th and organised for me to attend the Guildford branch for a KYC and account application meeting. This took the bast part of 2 hours. I let the meeting with the account opened and a debit card for processing against the account.

Applied for my loan today (Thursday 16th July), approved (in seconds - put this down to the KYC session the day before) and the funds will be deposited into the account tomorrow (Friday 17th July).

I am not saying that this process will work for everyone, but I think this it is truly an exceptional level of service.

I hope fellow Tide account customers find this post useful.


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Good news for you. And also thanks for sharing your experience in case it may benefit someone.

Hsbc. finally come good.
All in all 10 weeks.
For a sole trader to open a feeder account and get bbl agreed. Keep checking your spam box my agreement came through at 2am. Good luck everyone. Good bye tide

Thank you for sharing @JONTY

I’m glad to hear that you and @Skcollob have been able to receive the support that you need!

From our side, we’re sorry to have not been able to assist you in the same way - we haven’t given up and will continue pushing for changes to the BBLS that would allow us to extend loans to our members. Though we’ve done everything we can from our side in this regard, we’ll still maintain communication with the Treasury to this end.