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The mood across All social media platforms is really starting to get bad for Tide now !!!
If there is not a rapid response from the CEO think there is going to be one hell of a backlash for Tide.
Do they have a PR department?? Do they care about what is happening ?? Does the senior team fully understanding what is happening???
Jesus Tide just get some communication out there !!!

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Its not surprising. The actions have no relation to the language that came at the start of the process.

They think that customers will just sit back and wait like good children - they seem to think that it’s perfectly acceptable to be nearly a month down the line and no real progress - I hope for their (and our) sake they turn it round, but the fact they can’t even communicate with customers really says it all, I don’t have any faith in them. 10 long days and counting til my Barclays business appointment to move over to them!

Do you not realise Tide do not actually care one bit what you say or do, they have many many supporters who just say nothing and get on with it… they are the ones who have had loans, not us who are the ones that are shouting… Tide are vindictive and patronising and frankly they do not give a damm what we think.