Maximum Account Balance


Hi All

I just wondering did anyone notices that the maximum account balance had recently changed to £1M?
& The Monthly Limited had changed to £250K

Maybe its good reason we should continue to use Tide as our main account balance…maybe one day Tide can issue Full Debit Card instead of Prepaid Debit Card…


I think they have changed it in preparedness of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme and the CVILS

Not that anyone has actually had a loan yet, to the best of my knowledge anyway, unless anyone wishes to advise me otherwise.


Hi @martinxoxo,

The limits on your account will depend on whether you’re a sole trader or a registered company.

For anyone who wants to check their account limit. In you app, tap “Accounts” from your in-app More menu to see your full account limits, or to request a limit increase.


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